The Steakist launches 3 new steaks – Which one will you choose?

The Steakist opened 2 months ago with a simple menu of 4 steaks which catered for carnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans. Now the team are fully embedded and we’ve met our customers, we’re excited to expand our menu with three new beef steaks.

An 12-oz rump steak, fillet steak and a black peppercorn encrusted bistro steak, all from 28 day aged British Isles prime beef.

Which one will you choose? Here’s a closer look at each to help you choose

The tenderest of all cuts, our 8-oz prime beef fillet steak is served with our Café de Paris inspired house sauce or a creamy Madeira sauce and eats best when cooked rare or medium. A treat for a special occasion or just to celebrate the weekend.

The most flavoursome cut, a beef rump is actually made up of 3 separate muscles. Most rump steaks are created by cutting through the whole rump. Here at the Steakist we separate the 3 muscles and trim away all the gristle and fat that connects them leaving us with prime rump, bistro and picanha cuts.

Our 12-oz prime rump is definitely for those with a big appetite. It comes served with our Café de Paris inspired house sauce or a creamy Madeira sauce. A meaty flavoursome eat best enjoyed rare or medium. 

The bistro is the most tender part of the rump and so delivers on both tenderness and flavour. Our peppered bistro steak is definitely for those who like it hot! The raw steak is encrusted with crushed peppercorns before hitting the grill and is then served with a creamy Madeira sauce to help calm the zing. Eats best cooked rare or medium.

All 3 steaks are 28 day aged British Isles beef. Which steak will you choose?