The Steakist launches Endless Steak and Fries for £35!

Steak & Chips

The Steakist Bistro and Grill is extending opening hours for the summer season to now open on Tuesdays, and to celebrate they are launching a very special offer. 

Endless Steak and Fries for £35 on Tuesday evenings from 23rd April 2024.

Manager Hollie Wride said, “We have had a great year, but the UK economy is still very flat, so we wanted to come up with a great value offer for our customers.”

The Steakist will be serving bavette steak which is widely available in French restaurants abroad and much less common in England. Here, it became known as a butcher’s cut because butchers often save it for themselves. 

“It is one of the more flavoursome steaks and suits a super-hot grill like our Robata. It will be served pink as this is the best way to eat a bavette and will be accompanied by a steak sauce and our popular crispy fries. The idea is to serve up normal sized portions but to keep coming back with extra helpings until guests are full.”

Our normal full evening menu is still available on Tuesday evenings for those who don’t want to go ‘Endless’.

Bookings can be made via the website:

The Steakist Bistro and Grill

41 High Street, Arundel, BN18 9AG


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