New Arundel restaurant aims to give a modern take on popular classic dish

Andy and Janet Batty standing outside The front of The Steakist with Michael Lyons.

Coming after two years of Covid, high inflation and during a cost of living crisis, the team said they know it is an unusual time to open.

But they are committed to providing a modern dining experience for customers at the new restaurant in High Street.

Michael Lyons, executive chef, said the venue is also catering for modern tastes: “Steak doesn’t have to be just beef. We are offering steaks for vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians, too.”

The Steakist is the brainchild of Arundel locals Andy and Janet Batty who have joined forces with Michael.

Andy said: “This is our first foray into the restaurant world and some people think it is foolhardy. We have been lucky to find some brilliant staff and feel confident that we have a strong team.”

Michael was previously an executive chef overseeing the menus for First and Business Class customers for Etihad Airways.

His simple menu includes a set green salad starter followed by a choice of beef, tuna, chicken or cauliflower steak each paired with a signature sauce or dressing and served with fries and optional sides.

“We have deliberately kept it simple to focus on quality and consistency”, said Michael. “It helps us to be efficient which keeps costs down for customers. But at The Steakist, we want to innovate so I can’t wait to launch our first specials. Trials so far have been very encouraging.”

The team have also found a wine grower near Bordeaux and are sourcing some of their wines directly which gives the wine list some extra interest and helps deliver good value as buying direct means savings can be passed onto customers.

The restaurant building in Arundel’s High Street dates back to the 15th century when it was an inn. After months of refurbishment the old brick walls have been revealed and the kitchen totally updated with the grill area visible from the restaurant.

“It may not be the best time to launch a new concept like this, but we do believe we have a great product.”

The lunch menu starts at just £8 for a salad whilst the signature beef sirloin steak with fries and starter salad is £25. Article published by Sussex World 16th August 2022.

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